Friday, December 1, 2006

Hi, this is King Stranger. Welcome to my new blog, "Operation:Me". As the title suggests, the idea of this blog is to document my work-in-progress on myself. In posts to come over the near future, I intend to do some 'cleaning house'; doing some writing about the 'old' me, things I've done in the past and the like. I will detail a lot of the things that I'd like to accomplish (it's coming up on New Year's, so some resolutions are in order!). An ongoing concern with Operation:Me will be to document my progress with those resolutions. In addition, I'm sure I'll post the usual internet memes and links to things I find online.
I just noticed this introduction looks kind of cryptic, but in short this is my idea: there are things I'd like to change about myself, and I need to write extensively about them. I need to write about my changes - or, lack thereof (hopefully not). And, of course, sometimes I'll need to let off steam.
So there's the idea of Operation:Me. We'll see how it goes. Please feel free to peruse, and to comment on anything. Thanks for coming by!

~King Stranger

First Post

This is the first post to my blog.